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A book of lists

April 9, 2015

About 5 years ago, I started to collect and sift through a bunch of literary awards, focusing on science fiction, fantasy, and horror. It slowly grew to incorporate children’s lit, mystery, and even some mainstream literary awards.

I’ve stalled out about a dozen times in the last 5 years, going strong for a week, then leaving it for months.

Finally, I decided if I didn’t publish it, it would be consigned to the dustbin of unfinished projects, and I already have too much stuff in there already.

So, now you can get it on Github. I’ve chosen Github because it allows me to tinker with the project whenever I like, and I don’t have to worry about various hosting services complaining about file types, etc. Just click into the /epub/ folder, select view raw, and you’ll get the final file.

Why epub?

I’ve wanted to learn more about epub for awhile. The HTML files are all hand-written, but the epub file is compiled by Sigil, a great open-source app for epub authoring.

Why awards?

Hey, I love lists. There are some great awards sites out there, but all of them list awards individually…you can’t see who won all the Hugo, Nebula and Booker awards in one consolidated list. Now you can.

The introduction of the book goes into a little more detail about the selection process, and what’s in there.

If you have links to other resources on the web, leave a comment! I’d love to hear from you. Additionally, I want to hear about your experiences with the file on various e-readers. Unfortunately, I only have 1 Kobo, and don’t have the cash to flip for the dozen other popular readers out there.

Happy reading!

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