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A bookmarklet

October 19, 2011

This is a little silly, but…

Remember bookmarklets? They can still come in handy. In most places I’ve worked, there is at least 3 servers: one for development, one for qa, and one for production. If you use a content delivery network, add an origin server, and if you use a local environment, you can add that, too. That’s at least five servers that potentially have the same file on it, in various states of development.

This is just a quick little javascript function that:

  • has an array of all these servers (just the protocol and hostname, minus the trailing slash)
  • finds everything past the first slash after the hostname
  • checks to see if the hostname you are currently on is in the array
  • and then loads all servers in the array as new tabs or windows, minus the one you have open

Here’s the full function:

function loadUp(){
	var sites = [
	], i, value, site, proto, ref, url=window.location;
	site =;
	proto = url.protocol.toString();
	value = url.pathname.toString();
	ref = proto + "//" + site;
	for(i = 0; i < sites.length; i++){
		if(ref != sites[i]){[i] + value + + url.hash);

And this is the ridiculous one-line bookmarklet (the bookmarklet is slightly modified to work on one line):


This opens tabs in Firefox and Chrome, and new windows in Safari and IE.

All you do is modify the array I have, pop it into a link, bookmark it, and you have the ability to see any page on your web site in all environments.


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