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September 7, 2009

Along with my one foray into photography books, I’ve now decided to start selling prints. I currently have 5 photos available.

You should consider the prints ‘experimental’ for a while, as I’ve never ordered prints from Imagekind, and may have made some mistakes with colour profiling or resolutions. I think Imagekind probably does a good, professional job, but since I haven’t ordered my own prints yet, I can’t say for certain if I’ve made them truly ‘print-ready’ yet (something Imagekind has no control over, obviously).

I chose Imagekind because it offers a wide selection of paper and framing options. They also offer ‘test kits’ that allow you to see test photos printed on different paper options. I may be going about this backward, but at my current skill level, seeing different options relatively inexpensively is a good thing.

I’ve been waffling over this for a long time. It would be interesting to be a pro. I’m not sure how I’d manage that at my current skill level. I’m still years away, if I get there at all.

But being an amateur has distinct advantages, chief among them is not having to hold to any pricing schemes or semblance of professional conduct (which is not the same as general ethics). Another advantage is having total control of my shooting schedule and subject matter. Since this isn’t how I make my living, I have a lot more freedom to do what I like.

Of course, the disadvantage of being an amateur is trying to get yourself noticed. I’ve taken a very laissez faire attitude towards this. It’s hurt. I’m very aware of this. I’m very far from being noticed. And, like anyone, I like to be noticed. 😉

But, I’ve also welcomed the anonymity, which allows me to explore a lot of aspects of photography that interest me without having an audience prodding me for more of the same. As a comic book fan, I’ve seen the type of rut that artists and writers fall into when they can only sell a particular kind of work because their fan base won’t accept anything else. (And I’ll be honest here…I doubt I’ll ever have a fan base. The point I’m making is that many creative professionals get trapped by their fame, and anonymity is a way to avoid this.)

I’ve always felt that it’s a little arrogant charging money for my work. On the other hand, I feel that everyone deserves some compensation for what they create, ‘pro’ or not. I charge little above what these services list as their base price for producing the products to begin with. As an amateur, I don’t think this cheapens professionals who charge more (rightly so). Or makes my stuff so outlandishly expensive that no one interested in acquiring it couldn’t afford it. Again, since I’m not making a living at it (and currently have no intention to), it gives me a lot of flexibility.

Currently, I can’t offer prints of my film pictures, because most of them are scanned at too low a resolution for prints. If you want something, leave a comment on the flickr page, or message me at flickr, linkedin, or facebook. You can also tweet me, leave a comment here, or walk up to me and ask.

My contact details are here, and everything I make available for sale online is here.

Hope you like them. Feedback appreciated.

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