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Rules for Writing

May 4, 2009

Not all of them, or even the best, but they’re mine. Will be added to as new rules become available. No warranty offered or implied.

  1. Never apologize.
  2. Stay in motion.
  3. Boring is OK.
  4. Mentors are not always older or wiser.
  5. Always wear your heart on your sleeve.
  6. Own a lucky pen.
  7. Remember to credit from whom you steal.
  8. Life is weird. That’s OK, too.
  9. There is always one more book.
  10. When one finds a well-written passage, write it down in a journal. Rhythm and cadence are explored in this manner.
  11. Although everything has been said before, it has not been said in your manner before.
  12. Books are talismans. Always carry one with you.
  13. The books that contain the most truth are often filled with the least facts.
  14. There can be that fortunate moment when a melody or song becomes wedded to a book, and listening to one evokes the other.
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