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December 31, 2007


This is an old 1930’s shop sign, found in a book of Sailor Jerry tattoos. Even accounting for inflation, your body just isn’t worth much in chemicals. Of course, selling your organs is much more lucrative. I notice that things only women produce are worth more than things only men produce. Sigh. Once again, it’s Quality over Quantity.

I’ve spent a lot of my online time over the last year and a half looking at statistics. I’ve become a complete numbers junkie. Almost against my will.

Here’s some figures:


On Flickr, all my individual photos have been viewed a total of 69,524 times, my photostream 14,992 times, and my photosets 2,327 times, for a total of 86,843 views.

Sites that have referred traffic to my photostream (in order of relevance): (2,567 referrals),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and

  • Public photos: 2,450
  • Private photos: 3
  • Friends only: 7
  • Family only: 1
  • Friends & Family: 22
  • With views: 2,469
  • Without views: 14
  • With comments: 403
  • Without comments: 2,080
  • Favorited: 149
  • Not favorited: 2,334

I have 93 contacts. 81 people have chosen to return the favor.

I’ve had 7 photos in explore, but none in the last 6 months.

On the surface, these figures sound interesting, with huge numbers sometimes. But, I suspect, I’m probably on the low, low, low end of the Flickr popularity spectrum.

Let’s take a look at

Top Artists Overall Generated: 30 Dec 2007

  1. The Replacements — 1,276
  2. Billy Bragg — 401
  3. Miles Davis — 354
  4. U2 — 271
  5. These Electric Lives — 269
  6. Mike Post — 221
  7. Denison Witmer — 209
  8. Bloc Party — 190
  9. Bruce Cockburn — 180
  10. Mark Kozelek — 127

Top Tracks Overall Generated: 30 Dec 2007

  1. The Replacements – Left of the Dial — 113
  2. Mike Post – Magnum Pi — 105
  3. Mike Post – Theme From Magnum P.I. — 100
  4. The Replacements – Bastards of Young — 83
  5. The Replacements – Here Comes a Regular — 70
  6. The Replacements – Kiss Me on the Bus — 68
  7. These Electric Lives – We Should Be Believing — 59
  8. These Electric Lives – Keep Love Safe — 54
  9. These Electric Lives – Soda Water — 53
  10. These Electric Lives – Wake Me Up — 53

Recommended Artists (based on the information supplied to

  • The Prodigy
  • Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (never heard of them)
  • Rogue Wave (never heard of them)
  • The American Analog Set (never heard of them)
  • Dire Straits
  • of Montreal
  • Bon Jovi (?????????????????????)
  • Islands
  • The Most Serene Republic
  • Morrissey (I hate Morrissey)

So, what the hell does all this mean?

These are really the only 2 sites of mine I slavishly follow. I have a blog, but that’s in a state of chaos right now. Most of the other sites I’m on don’t really give detailed stats like this.

Most of the stats are really bogus. It really only gives you a window into the last year of my listening habits, and only when I’m at work. The huge Replacements\These Electric Lives binge in the middle of that lasted only 1 1/2 weeks, but it’s completely warped all my stats…it will probably be another year before the damage corrects itself.

The Flickr stats don’t reveal anything truly interesting, really. They don’t show you how interesting my contacts really are. They also don’t give you any indication of when they became contacts. The stats do give me an indication of where people are flowing in to see my work, which revealed a few interesting things:

  • The BBC decided that my high school homework was worthy of showing in a spot on The Velvet Underground…that is truly amazing
  • A local pub guide decided to use a sunset of mine that was shot nowhere even remotely near the pub in question…which, even though flattering, is just false advertising, plain and simple.
  • The 3 photos submitted to nowpublic have generated no return traffic
  • The one photo Schmap used for Fort York (incidentally, one of my contacts was chosen for the same location…way to go, Triple A) has not generated any return traffic

I also ended up getting a request to use a photo from a magazine based out of Milwaukee that went nowhere.

So, where am I on the stats curve?

Not really anywhere special.

But, I guess, that’s ok. My photostream may be less popular now than before, but I feel I’m starting to get better. That I may, eventually, end up with a style. It may not be a very popular style, but that’s ok, too.

For now, just taking pictures when I feel like it, writing when I feel like it, doing whatever I want whenever I damn well please…that’s ok.

And to hell with the stats.

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